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Who we are

This Building Enclosure Council Boston, originally the Building Envelope Committee, was formed in 1996 as a committee of the Boston Society of Architects to address concerns about the lack of understanding among many design professionals of the principles involved in enclosure design and of the level of detail required to convey critical design features to contractors. Our primary objective is to improve the performance of the building enclosure. We are now a part of a national network of Building Enclosure Councils, Building Enclosure Council – National.

General purpose

To increase awareness of building envelope design as a critical aspect of the successful construction of buildings and to foster the education of building industry professionals regarding proper design, construction, and maintenance of building envelopes.

Specific purposes

Better approaches
To promote approaches to envelope design that are reliable, durable, constructible, and cost efficient.

Comprehensive approaches
To provide solutions for the interconnection of various envelope systems and to increase design professionals’ awareness of the need to design the interfaces between the different trades. To increase design professionals’ and contractors’ awareness of the importance of the continuity of air barriers and of the details of the drainage plane for moisture protection and control of indoor air quality. To increase awareness and understanding of vapor migration and condensation as a component of these issues. To promote the consideration of the interaction of the building envelope with the exterior and interior environments.

Up-to-date approaches
To increase awareness of state of the art information on available materials (which are continually changing) and resources for obtaining such information.