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The Dynamo visual programming add-in for Revit has been a recent hot topic of conversation in the AEC community. Heralded for its ability to unlock new doors in Revit and facilitate interoperability between various software platforms, Dynamo is rapidly becoming an integral extension of the design and project delivery process. Please join the Revit User Group for the first in a series of Dynamo-specific meetings. What is Dynamo? How does it work? What can it do? We aim to answer these questions in an in-depth investigation of the advantages and implications for practice that Dynamo brings to the table. Dynamo-litia ("dyno-malitia") explores this new tool.

Our first meeting was in September 2015; we meet regularly at the BSA Space. Sign up for news through the main Revit Users Group list.

Click here for more information about Dynamo, and review past meeting notes here. You can also view all past presentations on the Dynamo-litia Vimeo Album.

Dynamo-litia is part of the BSA Revit Users GroupKyle Martin, Assoc. AIA leads the charge.