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Parent and Teacher Resources

Self-Guided Walking Tours

Experienced in person or virtually, these walking tours are self-guided, hands-on activities for youth in grades kindergarten to 6th grade. Families are encouraged to take the tour in person, but Google Street View links are provided at each location for a virtual experience.

LBD Web At Home Charlestown test

Explore Eliot Square, the center of the Highland Park neighborhood in Roxbury for over 200 years.

Bunkerhill Museum2

Find, draw and observe changes over time in the architecture of this historic neighborhood of Boston.

Design Projects

Hands-on design activities using materials you may have around the home.

DM1 U5186 square

Create a new place or space for our city that accommodates the rising waters. Use LEGO bricks to create a model of your solution. For children age five - 13.

Uhu web2

How would you live in 385 square feet? Design and layout a floor plan of your own micro housing unit. For children age 11-15.