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End Of Year Presentation Second Year Studio Westphal Admissions
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Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design’s Department of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism includes undergraduate programs in Architecture and Interior Design, and graduate programs in Interior Architecture, Design Research, and Urban Strategy.

Our programs are housed in the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design’s URBN Center, a state-of-the-art design and arts facility that functions as a hub for creative minds to gather, share ideas, and work together. Here students enjoy dedicated studio spaces, computer labs, fabrication facilities, and a materials library. The faculty work collaboratively to provide myriad opportunities for students including Study Abroad, Summer Program, Tiny House, Aarfa Lecture Series, and an interdisciplinary Design Charrette.

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Our lives are constantly shaped by the places that we inhabit. We live our public lives in the spaces of our cities and towns - our streets, parks, and public squares. We conduct our day-to-day lives in the buildings that shape that public environment - where we live, work, learn and play. And we live our most personal lives in the interior spaces created by those buildings. At every level, we respond to the form, light, texture and dimension of the world around us. They inspire conditions that can enhance our lives and they create the foundations for community.

Drexel’s Department of Architecture, Design & Urbanism offers programs that explore the quality of place at each of these levels with programs in urban strategy, architecture and interior design. These programs are complemented with opportunities for advanced research in design.

Alan Greenberger, Department Head for Architecture, Design & Urbanism