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ADA and Access to Public and Private Non-Residential Facilities and Programs

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2016 and 2017 have been very active years for the adoption of new accessibility standards, guidelines, and requirements under the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, model standards, and various state laws. This interactive workshop will focus on the significant changes and how they apply to various project types. It will also include sessions on medical equipment, healthcare, retail, governmental facilities, ADA programs planning, and significant changes in the A117.1 Standard. This two-day session complements the one-day Fair Housing session.

Participants will discuss with the instructors how to apply these new requirements and guidelines to the tens of millions of buildings, facilities, programs, and services they cover. With an aging population that represents a huge market for accessible facilities and programs, interest in compliance with the ADA and other access standards is continuing to grow throughout the country. The courts are helping to define how to apply each of the laws as well. Instructors will discuss how these cases are progressing and what can be learned from some of the most prominent ones. Participants will hone their skills at interpreting and applying both the old and the new requirements so that they can respond appropriately to users, clients, plaintiffs’ attorneys, and the courts as needed.

Instructors: James L.E. Terry, AIA, Evan Terry Associates, Birmingham AL; Bill Hecker, AIA, Hecker Design, Birmingham AL; Irene Bowen, Esq., ADA consultant, Silver Spring MD; Kaylan Dunlap, LPTA, Evan Terry Associates, Birmingham AL; Mark J. Mazz, AIA, Hyattsville MD; Marsha K. Mazz, U.S. Access Board, Washington DC; John Wodatch, Esq., disability rights attorney, Washington DC.

For those who qualify, 14 AIA/CEs (HSW) are available.

For more information, contact or call 617-384-7214.