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Excel Hand Dryers: A Hygienic, Cost-Effective & Sustainable Hand Drying Solution


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A consideration during COVID times is providing a touchless restroom experience, and the XLERATOR® & ThinAir® Hand Dryers do just that. Each dryer features a hands-under, sensor-activated design that thoroughly dries hands in seconds. The HEPA Filtration System was tested this year (April 2020 by LMS Technologies) with 380 million viruses and proven to remove 99.999 percent of them from the airstream. We are soon to announce the availability of HEPA in the ThinAir Hand Dryer.

The regular shipping, stocking, and removal of paper towels create unnecessary touchpoints in public restrooms for those visiting as well as those working to keep the space clean and stocked. Paper towels can be left in damp piles on countertops, across the floor, spilling out of trash cans and clogging up toilets. These messes provide breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria at a time when hygiene is a matter of life and death. One independent study showed 17 species of bacteria on unused, recycled paper towels, including Bacillus, which can cause food poisoning.

Hand dryers are greener and provide up to a 75 percent reduction in carbon footprint. Paper towels come from trees, a threat against the increasingly important need for environmentally sustainable practices. What is more—most do not recognize that recycled paper does not mean it is recyclable. Hand dryers on the other hand, are never out of stock, meaning restroom visitors will always have the opportunity to leave the space with dry, clean hands. As we saw during the pandemic, paper products can (and do!) run out. If unavailable, hands cannot be dried at all—and wet hands have been shown to be 1,000 times more likely to transfer germs than dry hands.

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