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Innovative Materials and Methods Workshop

Innovative Materials Methods Workshop banner

Image: Patch22 High-Rise Timber Apartment Building

Credit: Franzten Architects

  • COST

    Free and open to the public

Across the country, new materials and construction methods--from cross-laminated timber and 3D-printing to pre-fabricated elements and drone-assisted surveys--are changing the way housing is planned and developed.

Join the the Boston Society of Architects, the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab, and the City of Boston’s Housing Innovation Lab for a workshop on how innovative materials and methods can be deployed in Boston. Participants will include engaged Bostonians interested in providing their unique experience and perspective and professionals from across the housing development world, including builders, developers, financiers, and designers.

This mixture is intended to contribute to the community’s knowledge base on housing development and build-up ideas that can have impact.