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The Foundation was created by the Boston Society of Architects/AIA in 1971 to support public education programs in Massachusetts related to the built environment. Over the years, the Foundation has supported film and video productions, community-based programs, exhibitions and tours, in-school educational programs, research projects, conferences, lectures, symposiums, and other community activities.

Through 2017, the Foundation has distributed more than $1 million in grants to public—and private—sector groups. Read about the 2017 grant recipients. While the Foundation funds many programs for schoolchildren, it also supports programs for Greater Boston residents of all ages. 

The 2018 Call for Entries is now open. All applications are due by 5:00 pm on Friday, September 14, 2018.

Grants Overview

Our annual grants support projects and programs that support the BSA Foundation’s vision that by 2030 Boston is a model of a resilient, equitable and architecturally vibrant city and region. Anyone interested in proposing a new idea or enhancing an existing program or project related to architecture, landscape, engineering, and/or community development and the built environment is invited to apply.

Who may apply for these grants?

Anyone with a good idea is encouraged to apply. We welcome applications from teachers, community groups, nonprofit organizations, arts centers, museums, and community service centers, as well as teams including individual artists and designers working with communities or educators in nontraditional settings.

When is the application deadline?

Applications must be received by the BSA Foundation by 5:00 pm on Friday, September 14, 2018.

Who is the target audience?

We fund proposals that serve Greater Boston audiences in all age groups. We are interested in programs that target underserved audiences that are culturally, economically, ethnically, racially, or otherwise diverse. Projects that can be replicated and maximize the number of people served are of special interest.

What is funded?

Grants awarded at the end of this year will support 2019 programs. We fund programs and projects that support the Foundation’s three strategic goals:

  1. Ensuring access to design education for every child in Greater Boston.
  2. Providing access to design resources for all of Greater Boston’s communities.
  3. Empowering the public to be advocates for positive change in their built environment.

We fund programs and projects that:

  • Elevate public awareness and understanding of architecture and the many facets of the built environment
  • Elevate public awareness and understanding of planning, design, and construction processes and the role of citizens in shaping our communities
  • Provide hands-on planning and design opportunities for people of all ages and from all walks of life
  • Underscore the importance of environmental sustainability and resiliency in design and community planning                                             
  • Have a ripple effect on other educators, policy makers, communities, or organizations                                        

Previously funded programs include innovative classroom curriculum, and community training programs that include hands-on design projects. Please review descriptions of past grants which can be found at We accept applications that build on past programs but that are looking for support of new ideas and ways of working. We are excited by projects that encourage collaborations with other individuals or entities including architects, architectural organizations, and allied art and design groups and practitioners.

View a sample budget template here.

What is not funded?

We do not fund design fees, capital expenditures, endowment-building programs, the purchase of public art, archival projects, research projects, website development, software purchases, fellowships for professional travel, or an organization’s operating costs. Administrative costs related to the specific program may be included in the proposal.

How large are the grants?

Grants typically range in size from $500 to $3,000, although proposals will be accepted for projects with funding needs from the Foundation of up to $5,000.