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Future-Decker Media Kit

For any questions or media inquiries, please contact Housing Innovation Design Fellow, Wandy Pascoal, [email protected].

Social Media

Please include the the exhibition hashtag in all of your social media posts: #FutureDecker

Tag BSA in social media posts, linked below.

Facebook: BSAAIA
Twitter: @BSAAIA , @newurbanmechs, @BostonNeighbor
Instagram: @BSAAIA, @bostonneighbordnd
LinkedIn: Boston Society for Architecture

Relevant hashtags:
#BSA #BSASpace #communityvoices #architecture #tripledecker #threedecker #Boston #Bostonhistory #newengland #residential #bostonarchitecture #affordablehousing #design #housing #MApoli

Suggested Marketing Language

For Twitter:

If you've ever visited #Boston, there's a high chance you've seen a #tripledecker or #threedecker. Interested in learning more about this historic housing type? Check out our virtual exhibition #FutureDecker!

The #FutureDecker exhibition is a part of an ongoing exploration of how the iconic #tripledecker has shaped #Boston and New England, while inviting visitors to envision the future of this and other types of affordable multifamily #housing.

For email, LinkedIn, etc:

The Future-Decker exhibition is a part of an ongoing exploration on the importance of multifamily housing in Boston, starting with the iconic three-decker, whose history teaches and inspires us to create affordable futures for residents of all backgrounds.

Exhibition Dates and Related Events

Exhibition on view on our website from October 27, 2020—January 31, 2021

To view recordings of past events, visit the Future-Decker video archive page.

The final event of the series Anti-Racist Design: Reimagining the Future of Multi-family Housing & Exhibition Closing will take place on Zoom on January 20, 2021, from 4:00-6:00 PM. Sign up here.

For more detailed descriptions of the events, please click on the following link.


To download the images in higher resolution, please click the following link.

Anti Racist Design Reimagining the Future of Multi family Housing Exhibition Closing 17

Flyer for upcoming Anti-Racist Design Future-Decker Conversation

Future Decker Banner


What is a Future Decker gif

Future-Decker GIF