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Senior Project Designer


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About SMMA

Since 1955, SMMA has forged extraordinary relationships with clients, established an enviable record of success, and designed award-winning environments. From our two locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, we are an employee-owned firm that remains true to our founders’ vision of approaching design as a deeply collaborative process.

The unique multidisciplinary nature of our practice serves as a strength. Our culture places design at the forefront through visual artistry and unlimited access to multidisciplinary design talent and leadership. We maximize our value through early involvement and a convergence of artistic and technical focus that speaks directly to the needs of our clients. As pioneers of an integrated design methodology, we strive to redefine the way our industry works.

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About This Position

SMMA is seeking an experienced designer with an established exploration toolset including hand sketching, research, whiteboarding, diagramming, charretting, 3D exploration in Rhino or SketchUp, and Revit. You are a self-starter, have a bias for action, and are generous with your ideas and process.

You see project representation as an extension of the design. The ability to frame views and tell a story through design imagery is essential. Proficiency in software like Vray or Enscape is required. Postproduction skills in Photoshop are expected. Occasionally, you will collaborate with our talented Visualization Team, but for the most part, you will be the primary author of most project visuals and renderings.

You will craft presentations in PowerPoint and produce booklets in InDesign. Revit will be used for schematic-level drawings and documentation.

You are not behind-the-scenes project support, producing work for others to present. You will present to clients, communities, and within the office. You understand that verbal presentations and crafting stories are an extension of design. You are an emerging design leader for your clients.

In summary, you can efficiently work across various design and presentation mediums, knowing which combination of tools and techniques will be required to achieve the desired outcome.

You will encounter various project types and work from suburban to urban environments, from buildings to planning. Experience in the design of commercial architecture is preferred. You know how buildings go together; this background informs your early design ideas.

You will have experienced in-house project architects, technical staff, and engineers to bounce ideas off when required. But, in the early stages of an investigation, you can draw upon experience—or quickly get up to speed—to inform the big moves of a project. You are able to investigate zoning constraints, pro forma, building typologies, exterior envelopes, structural grids, building cores, relevant building codes, sustainability, and constructability, to name a few.

Our clients engage with SMMA to solve complex problems. This kind of problem-solving often involves collaborating with our landscape architects, interior designers, design technologists, and engineers at the earliest stages. Despite a project’s constraints and challenges, you pursue conceptual clarity and elegance, which is the hard-earned absence of excess. Outcomes must please the individual user and elevate the community while fulfilling the goals of the client. Not every idea will lead to a built project, but you will treat every pursuit as if it could. The cadence of work is difficult to project, but you are flexible, and can tackle any challenge at any time.

You will collaborate directly with the Principal-in-charge, working one on one to discover and establish a project's direction. Small design teams, led by you, may form around certain pursuits. You are intrinsically motivated to discover and create meaningful work while contributing to greater design studio at SMMA.

How To Apply

Please apply using the link to our careers page.