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Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.

Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.


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IT Manager

Ann Beha Architects, Inc.

Promoted BSA Member

About Ann Beha Architects, Inc.

Ann Beha Architects explores the intersection of heritage and contemporary design. With an award

winning practice and national projects for universities, the arts, and the public realm, ABA has been

ranked among the top 50 practices in the United States by Architect Magazine. ABA is an equal

opportunity employer.

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About This Position

Position Overview:

Responsible for the Firm’s IT systems, including architectural, marketing, and financial hardware and software; telephones and communication; and information management. Collaborates with outside IT consultant to maintain technology infrastructure, including server systems, cyber security, and back-up systems. Reports to the President.

Is the Firm’s Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM); responsible for the classified programs’ Cybersecurity/Risk Management Framework (RMF) posture in accordance with the US Government’s directives and program requirements.

As a member of the Operations team, supports maintenance and improvements to physical facilities, including overseeing building security systems and coordinating with vendors.

Essential Functions - IT:

• Prepares annual IT operating budget, develops capital improvement budget, and evaluates the acquisition and installation of new equipment (hardware and software).

• Develops and implements operating procedures and procedures for computing and Information Technology.

• Maintains a library of all system software and ensures all licensing requirements have been met and are current for all extant software.

• Coordinates with outside vendors (includes Web and Teleconferencing Services, Printing) on the development, design, and implementation of new applications and changes to existing computer systems and software packages.

• Prepares major contracts and licenses for computing and information technology services and equipment. (includes Internet and Phone Service, Mobile phones and Wireless Devices, Application Software).

• Is responsible for the development, review, testing and certification of all back-up and disaster recovery procedures and plans.

• Is responsible for in-house Audio-Visual hardware and software support.

• Maintains all IT hardware, software, networking and audiovisual equipment, and integration with printing and telecom.

• Provides basic phone system support to users in the studio.

• Stays on top of industry trends for IT, Cybersecurity and other relevant areas.

• Working outside regular business hours may be required to ensure normal business operations.

• Supports office staff of 50 users.

Essential Functions - ISSM:

• Subject matter expert for the implementation of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s (DCSA) Risk Management Framework (RMF) process on designated systems. • Follows, monitors and maintains required training and procedures for US Government Contracts. • Monitors cybersecurity Program compliance to ensure that systems are operating as authorized/accredited and that conditions have not changed.

• Coordinates with in-house project staff, Facility Security Officer (FSO), and other security staff, to maintain compliance with all internal and external Information System Security requirements. • Prepares and maintains all required Information System Security documentation. • Principal interface with government IT security representatives supporting ABA systems. • Principal user of the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) system. • Maintains regular training of all ABA personnel with computer system accounts. • Maintains uninterrupted operations of classified Information System including periodic reapproval process. • Coordinates with all required government agency personnel. • Reports to the FSO and provides assistance as requested.

Essential Functions - Operations:

• Develops and maintains procedures for office operations as noted below.

• Responsible for coordinating vendors such as Shipping, Alarms and Office Security.

• Responsible for purchasing and operation of all equipment related to Shipping, Alarms and Office Security.

• As a member of the Operations Team, supports internal office moves, hospitality and other regular office maintenance.


• Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to work and communicate with all levels of employees.

• Organized and efficient, prioritizes and responds to multiple requests quickly.

• Previous job experience in operations at a Design or other Professional Services firm with bachelor level degree or equivalent relevant job experience. • Knowledge and experience with assessment and authorization requirements as outlined in federal government security-related policies or similar requirements. • Ability to think and act strategically. • Ability to analyze and present data. • Moves around entire office daily, accesses very high and low places, lifts 50 lb. boxes on fairly regular basis.

Additional information
ABA offers a competitive benefit package, including health and dental insurance.

How To Apply

If interested, email your cover letter and resume to Alex Gomes, [email protected]

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