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Matter & Opinion: Existing Buildings Sponsorship Opportunities


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Matter & Opinion: Existing Buildings
A series on climate action and building the will

Matter & Opinion: Existing Buildings will begin by addressing the first hurdle to embracing existing buildings as climate solutions: building the will. A series of interviews and conversations with key stakeholders will identify why clients choose existing buildings (or not); what architects find fulfilling about reuse; and what benefits and challenges existing buildings present.

  • Surveys
    (publication of collection on website; weekly social media highlight)
    Stakeholder surveys to identify hurdles to and benefits of existing building projects.
  • Project presentations
    (weekly; 90-minute Zoom Meetings)
    Two designer-and-client teams each present a project and discuss their challenges, opportunities, and strategic approaches; organized weekly by project type
  • Videos
    (weekly; 2-minute max. videos for social media and web sharing)
    Short videos each spotlighting a tool, technology, product, or strategy as "new approaches to old buildings"

Sponsorship Opportunities

Building the Will Sponsorship
7 project presentations + summary news story

  • 2 Building the Will series passes (value: $560)
  • Logo on series website and event pages
  • Logo on all digital communications
  • Social media recognition for all sessions
  • Logo on intro/outro slides for all live programs
  • Verbal recognition at start and close of all live programs
  • Email to all series attendees

Subject-area sponsorship
2 project presentations

  • 2 2-project presentation passes (value: $160)
  • Logo on event pages for 2 select project presentations (housing, workplace facilities, or education facilities)
  • Logo on digital communications for 2 project presentations
  • Social media recognition for 2 project presentations
  • Logo on intro/outro slides for 2 project presentations
  • Verbal recognition at start and close of 2 project presentations