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BSA Allied Membership

We want to increase our visibility to architects and other building-industry professionals.

BSA Allied membership (previously Corporate Affiliate) is designed to help companies promote their brand, products and services to architects and other building-industry professionals.

Distributors, manufacturers, consultants, engineers, developers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, attorneys and others can all benefit from working more closely with each other and AIA architects through BSA events, programs, networking and learning opportunities.


Benefits of your Membership:


Company Dues Structure

The membership fee for each Allied Member is formulated from the total amount of employees based in their office location. This count would not include any employees based in other US, or international offices of the company.

1-6 Employees    (Small)     -  $625.00     per calendar year
7-24 Employees  (Medium) -  $1,255.00  per calendar year
25+ Employees   (Large)     -  $2,095.00  per calendar year


We prorate our dues each quarter, so be sure to check the amount that would be applicable to you as detailed on the application form.

Get in touch with us today at or by filling out the sign up form at the top of the page.