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BSA Architecture/Design College Fair

The BSA’s Architecture/Design College Fair, now in its 28th year, pioneered design school recruitment in the Northeast.

Each year, by presenting hundreds of students with access to representatives from dozens of design schools across North America, these young people and their families are provided with a unique forum for investigating academic and career opportunities in design-related fields. Design education provides essential collaboration and leadership skills while offering in-demand problem solving, creative, and critical thinking techniques that work well across disciplines and throughout life.

The 2016 BSA Architecture/Design College Fair was held for the first time here at BSA Space on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Over 200 prospective students visited with 48 representatives from national and international schools of architecture and design discussing portfolios, admissions, scholarships, curricula, and more.

The students and the reps loved being here in the gallery—comments ranged from how the space felt very ‘architectural’ and ‘professional’ to satisfaction that the event presented each school equally.

The college fair, attended by high school, college students, and recent graduates, also offered two different presentations: “Selecting an Architecture Program,” led by Lee Waldrep PhD from Illinois School of Architecture, and “Demystifying the Architecture Portfolio” led by Richard Griswold, dean of students at the Boston Architectural College (BAC). Both led to lively discussions between speakers, parents, and students about the value of an architecture education in the 21st century. 

To learn more about how the BSA Foundation is making an impact in communities, please come to BSA Space for a one hour “tour” of BSA Foundation programs. On the tour, board members and volunteers will tell stories about how Foundation programs, and the power of design, are positively changing the lives of real people. Meet the BSA Foundation meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. Events are free, but seats are limited. Check for upcoming dates and to reserve your seat.