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Community news: Newcomers and departures

During 2016, many have come from far and wide to BSA/AIA, Central Massachusetts AIA and Western Massachusetts AIA members, and many members have taken opportunities around the country and around the globe. We welcome these new members to our community, and hope that those who have departed find success in their new venture.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest members!

*CMAIA Member
**WMAIA Member  

New to Boston
Samuel C. Avery Assoc. AIA
    Boston, MA (from AIA Missouri/ AIA Kansas City)

Leaving Boston
Casey Gallagher AIA
    Philadelphia, PA (to AIA Pennsylvania/AIA Philadelphia) 
Janine Golub AIA
    Brooklyn, NY (to AIA New York State/AIA New York) 
Priscilla J. Harcourt Assoc. AIA
    Dearborn, MI (to AIA Michigan/AIA Detroit)
**Robert B. Marcalow Assoc. AIA
    San Jose, CA (to AIA California Council/AIA Santa Clara Valley) 
Bradford Earle Prescott AIA
    South Woodstock, VT (to AIA NH)