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Community news: Newcomers and departures

During 2016, many have come from far and wide to BSA/AIA, Central Massachusetts AIA and Western Massachusetts AIA members, and many members have taken opportunities around the country and around the globe. We welcome these new members to our community, and hope that those who have departed find success in their new venture.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest members!

*CMAIA Member
**WMAIA Member  

New to Boston
Katherine Chin Assoc. AIA
    Cambridge, MA (from AIA New York/AIA Brooklyn)
Michael Cook AIA
    Cambridge, MA (from AIA Washington DC)
Kelly Hutzell AIA
    Wentworth Institute of Technology, Dept. of Architecture 
    (from AIA Pennsylvania/AIA Pittsburgh)
Timothy G. Jones AIA
    Cambridge, MA (from AIA New York/AIA New York)
Jeff H. Kim AIA
    Arlington, MA (from Texas Society of Architects/AIA Houston)
David Leitman Assoc. AIA 
    Somerville, MA (from AIA Missouri/AIA St. Louis)
Scott H. Melching AIA
    Boston, MA (from AIA New York/AIA New York Chapter)
Julia K. Parker AIA
    Boston, MA (from AIA AIA Pennsylvania/AIA Eastern Pennsylvania)
Jeffrey Sargis Assoc. AIA
    Watertown, MA (from AIA Connecticut)
Stephen L. Scribner Assoc. AIA
    Boston, MA (from AIA New York State/AIA New York)
Supatra R. Villegas Assoc. AIA
    Perkins Eastman (from AIA Oklahoma/AIA Central Oklahoma)

Leaving Boston
Teresa Brashares Coates AIA
    Washington, DC (to AIA Washington DC)
David A. Colp AIA
    Glastonbury, CT (to AIA Connecticut)
Ian M. Ford AIA
    Minneapolis, MN (to AIA Minnesota/AIA Minneapolis)
John Hong AIA
    Seoul National University (to AIA national - South Korea)
Anastasia Huggins AIA
    Kansas City, MO (to AIA Missouri /AIA Kansas City)
Justin Travis Kearnan AIA
    Arlington, VA (to AIA Washington DC)
Jee Sung Y Kim Assoc. AIA
    New York, NY (to AIA New York State/AIA New York)
Marsha F. Levy AIA
    Boca Raton, FL (to AIA Florida/AIA Palm Beach)
Katie MacDonald Assoc. AIA
    Pittstown, NJ (to AIA New Jersey/AIA Central New Jersey)
**Kyle Robert Nadeau Assoc. AIA
    Chicopee, MA (to AIA Connecticut)
Johannes Wolfram Ubben AIA
    Berkeley, CA (AIA California Council/AIA San Francisco)
Brian L. Venable AIA
    MV & A Architects (to AIA Washington DC)
Heather A. Yanusas AIA
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (to AIA Middle East)
Richard A. Zini, Jr., Assoc. AIA
    Monroe, CT (to AIA Connecticut)