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Community news: Storm Preparations

Hurricane Jose is now approaching and while it is not expected to make landfall, parts of the region will almost certainly experience heavy rain and winds. The BSA and the BSA Foundation recommend using this opportunity to create or review a disaster preparedness plan with family, neighbors, and/or friends. 

Alongside people’s unique needs, everyone should consider:

  • clearing storm drains on residential streets
  • cleaning up objects in the yard that might become hazardous in strong winds
  • being mindful about the possibility of basement flooding
  • remembering elderly or sick neighbors if power goes out
  • picking up batteries, prescriptions, water, food, and other essentials in advance of the storm

Living with storms is a part of life. Taking the time to be as prepared as possible can make riding out disruptive events a little easier.

Read about some of the BSA and the BSA Foundation’s work on resilience.