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Community news: Union Carpenters, Brand Safway Team up to Create BSA Space @ ABX 2017

Every year, the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) designs a special structure for ABX, the leading design and construction event in New England. They call it the BSA Space @ ABX, and it becomes the central place for BSA members to network and socialize. They also use it as an opportunity to get creative.

This year, Sara Kudra of Piatt Associates designed a beautiful scaffold structure with flowing orange curtains made out of safety netting. To bring it from paper to the show floor, they reached out to the Carpenters union. The union built a team of skilled union carpenter volunteers from all over Eastern Massachusetts and enlisted scaffold-industry leader Brand Safway, which donated the materials. The partnership resulted in a 48’x64’ structure that reached 23 feet above the Boston Convention Center floor.

Thanks to the members (who volunteered on a Saturday in much larger numbers than we needed!), to Billy Craig and Eric White from the BSA and to the folks at Brand Safway, especially Superintendent Mike Duffy (a union carpenter!), and Knoll Furniture for creating a great BSA Space @ ABX 2017.