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Engaging communities + Grant recipients

Move-City of Revere

For over 30 years the BSA Foundation has awarded grants to support public education programs in Massachusetts related to the built environment. City of Revere—a 2015 grantee—received a grant to support Move-City of Revere. The project engaged the Youth Health Leadership Council and senior citizens, and educated these champions on change for the community on the benefits of active transportation. Learn more about Move-City of Revere here.

Move-City of Revere's summary of the program:

Delivery of infrastructure project reports to the City of Revere Department of Public Works, Engineering, and Planning Departments to be used to help prioritize infrastructure projects to promote safe active transportation in Revere. 

Who was the audience and what was the benefit?

Our goals are to educate our seniors and youth involved in the Youth Health Leadership Council, about the importance of the implementation of effective Complete Streets design to promote safe and active transportation. We hope to provide Complete Streets training to these age groups to help identify problematic intersections, needs for additional bike lanes, and traffic calming measures that will make the pedestrian and cyclist experience more pleasurable.

Image courtesy of Julie DeMauro.

How did this program meet BSA Foundation funding goals?

The funding received from BSA allowed us to provide workshops and materials to educate our target group about what Complete Streets should look like and why design is important. We held various workshops that we conducted, and were conducted by MassBike that brought to our groups’ attention what designs should be included into a roadway that will help pedestrians and cyclists stay safe.

What was the final product of your BSA Foundation grant-funded program?  

Delivery of infrastructure project reports to the City of Revere Department of Public Works, Engineering, and Planning Departments to be used to help prioritize infrastructure projects to promote safe active transportation in Revere.

How did you deliver your program to your target audience?

Our project began with four workshops that focused on Complete Streets, pedestrians, and cyclists. From the workshops the group was able to identify areas of problem intersections that favored motorists. We began to conduct walk audits and observations of the areas indentified. Through the walk audits and observations we were able to submit a project sheet to the various departments that are in charge of roadway work and infrastructure maintenance. Small improvements such as retiming of traffic lights were made immediately after they were indentified. Larger improvements and suggested changes are being discussed with not only the various departments but with the Mayor of Revere. Agreed upon improvements are beginning to move from the discussion phase to the planning stage. 

Image courtesy of Julie DeMauro.

Evaluate how well your program met your intended goals.

The results of our program meeting and our intended goals were mixed. We had aimed to work with seniors and youth, however we had young to middle aged adult residents attend our workshops. We also found that most of the participants of our workshops were more focused on pedestrian accommodations and needs than the needs of the cyclists. We thought with the rise of bike use among our residents that each group would have been represented equally. We feel we reached our goal of educating our participants about what Complete Streets are because they were very receptive and engaging during walk audits and observations.

Additional developements

Walk audits and workshops for the project we lead by Julie DeMauro, City of Revere active living coordinator from Revere on the Move. Julie was the Safe Routes to school coordinator for the City of Revere through WalkBoston for the past three years before she began her position with Revere on the Move. Julie has experience in educating residents about and how to conduct walk audits that have been used to rectify problems in the built environment in areas surrounding schools and neighborhoods.

One resource we used was We used this online application to show the participants of our workshops how to redesign a street in their neighborhood. During our "What are Complete Streets?” workshop we used visual examples of how streets could be improved in Revere using the application. It was well received.

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