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Now Practice Now 2018

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Equity. Inclusion. Design. Technology. Environment. Resources. Innovation.

Practice now faces significant challenges. Changes in technology, production, and collaboration are altering traditional modes of working. The NOW PRACTICE NOW workshops explore the means and methods of transforming practice. The series is for those who now practice. Jay Wickersham FAIA, 2018 BSA president, and the Now Practice Now committee invite you to join us for a series of candid and convivial discussions where together we will create a framework for the culminating event, the Now Practice Now Summit in Fall 2018.

WORKSHOPS will be round table conversations with substantial Q&A, focused on three important aspects of practice:

  • Now Practice Cash: How is our work paid for? | April 23, 2018
    The firm, the individual, and the industry rely on a diverse set of business and support models to achieve financial stability and resilience. Who and what have been subsidizing architecture practice? Why has subsidy been necessary?
  • Now Practice Stuff: What are we making? Why are we making it? | May 24, 2018
    Architectural practice thrives where it is relevant to its social, technological, political, or material context. Can this session identify where architectural practice is or could be most relevant and influential? For whom? And why?
  • Now Practice Turf: Where do we work? How do we work? | June 14, 2018
    Today's urban challenges are reshaping the scale, specialization and composition of design practice. Overlapping boundaries and transdisciplinary thinking is needed to address the contemporary urban condition. Where - and how - do firms, teams and individuals practice design today? Why is this important to the future of practice?

THE SUMMIT will be all day event, with plenaries and workshops that will address the issues and ideas generated by the three Workshops. The event will take place this Fall 2018.