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BSA Foundation Grant Pin-Up
June 21, 2018  /  BSA staff

Each year, the BSA Foundation Grant program supports nonprofit organizations and neighborhood groups across Greater Boston that serve their communities through architecture and design activities....

A win for architects in Massachusetts
May 30, 2018  /  John Nunnari

AIA logo

On May 4, 2018, a hearing was held by the Construction Bid Unit of the...

Sponsored Content: Modernized IT Infrastructure
February 3, 2017  /  BSA

Strategic, responsive IT management—That is what NCGIT has been providing Hacin Architects since 2013 through a strategic IT partnership. At the time, NCGIT was delivering only break/fix...

The Dynamic City: Futures for the Past
June 7, 2016  /  Caitlin Hart, BSA Staff

In April 2016, the Boston University (BU) Initiative on Cities—in partnership with...

Be sure to support your colleagues in Philadelphia next week!
May 12, 2016  /  BSA staff

Many of our architect members, firms, associates, and corporate affiliates will be presenting at PHILAIADELPHIA May 19-21. Find a sampling...

Profile: Anne Brockelman AIA
August 19, 2015  /  BSA

Name: Anne Brockelman AIA
Job title and company:
Associate, and director of sustainable design, Perry Dean Rogers | Partners Architects

Profile: Chris Chu AIA
August 3, 2015  /  BSA

Name: Chris Chu AIA
Degree(s): MArch, Rice University; BA (Mathematics), Pomona College
Professional focus: Residential design...

Profile: F. Philip Barash
May 3, 2015  /  BSA

Name: F. Philip Barash
Job title and company: Creative director, Sasaki Associates

From Aerospace to Architecture
May 11, 2015  /  Jeanne Haffner

3D Reverse Engineering in the Renovation of Boston's Historic Little Building

Imagine dangling from a 12-story building in freezing temperatures, faced with the task of...

Profile: Richard Kuhn AIA
May 7, 2015  /  BSA

Richard Kuhn AIA
Job title and company: Design director, Perkins+Will
Degree(s): B. Des., University of Florida; MArch,...

Boston Living with Water Competition Update

The Boston Living with Water design competition is bringing leading architects and engineers from around the world to share...

Profile: Matthew Murcko
April 9, 2015  /  BSA

Name: Matthew Murcko
Job title and company: Freelance level designer working with teams at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and solo.

Profile: Stephen F. Gray Assoc. AIA
February 13, 2015  /  BSA

Name: Stephen F. Gray Assoc. AIA
Job title and company: Senior associate, Sasaki Associates; lecturer in urban design, MIT...

Equity by Design: A Presentation by Rosa Sheng AIA
January 20, 2015  /  Emily Grandstaff-Rice AIA

In the first of an ongoing series exploring the issue of Equity by Design in the architecture profession and the City of Boston, Rosa T. Sheng AIA spoke on her recent work as founder of the AIA...

Profile: Audrey O’Hagan AIA
January 1, 2015  /  BSA

Name: Audrey O’Hagan AIA
Job title and company: Principal, Audrey O’Hagan Architects
Degree(s): Bachelor of...

Profile: Sam LaFalce
October 29, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Sam LaFalce
Job title and company: Architectural and engineering representative, Big Ass Fans
Degree(s): BS in economics

Profile: Kamran Zahedi
October 9, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Kamran Zahedi
Job title and company: President, Urbanica Design+Development, ...

Profile: Rosie Weinberg
August 13, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Rosie Weinberg
Job title and company: Coach at NuVu; member at Artisan’s Asylum             

Profile: Dan Perruzzi AIA
July 10, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Dan Perruzzi AIA
Job title and company: Principal, Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA)
Degree(s): BFA (1978) and BArch (1979),...

Cool Spaces! air dates on WGBH
June 24, 2014  /  BSA

Tune in to PBS’ new series, Cool Spaces! The Best New Architecture. Hosted by Boston architect Stephen Chung AIA. Cool...

Profile: Marie S.A. Sorensen AIA
June 18, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Marie S.A. Sorensen AIA
Job title and company: Principal-in-Charge/Architect, Sorensen Partners | Architects + Planners

City Science with Kent Larson
May 23, 2014  /  Todd Larson

At the BSA Urban Design Committee’s March 6 meeting at Payette,...

Engage your senses: Creating grace under pressure
May 21, 2014  /  BSA

On Thursday May 8, at the Museum of Science, the Boston Society of Architects and Lincoln Motor Co...

Profile: Bradford C. Walker AIA
May 21, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Bradford C. Walker AIA
Job title and company: Principal, Ruhl Walker Architects
Professional affiliations: Member, AIA...

Profile: David Eisen AIA
May 7, 2014  /  BSA

Name: David Eisen AIA
Job title and company: Principal, Abacus Architects + Planner
Degree(s): MArch, Harvard Graduate School of...

Profile: Mark Minelli
April 23, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Mark Minelli
Job title and company: President, Minelli, Inc.
Degree(s): BS in Graphic Design

Profile: Coco Raynes
April 14, 2014  /  BSA

Name: Coco Raynes
Job title and company: President, Coco Raynes Associates, Inc.
Degree(s): Fine Arts, Graphics, and Interior...

Profile: Susan Israel AIA

Name: Susan Israel AIA
Job title and company: Principal,...

Profile: Marc Margulies AIA

Name: Marc Margulies AIA
Job title and company: Founding principal,...

Profile: Haril A. Pandya AIA

Name: Haril A. Pandya AIA
Job title and company: Principal, CBT Architects