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Profile: Pasqualino Pannone AIA

Name: Pasqualino Pannone AIA
Job title and company: Project manager, ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge

Profile: Anthony Cavallaro AIA

Name: Anthony Cavallaro AIA
Job title and company: President, JACA Architects...

Profile: George H. Balsley AIA

Name: George H. Balsley AIA
Job title and company: Senior designer/architect, Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA)
Degree(s): BArch, Boston Architectural...

Profile: Matthew Bronski

Name: Matthew Bronski Assoc. AIA
Job title and company: Associate principal, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Degree(s): BS in Civil...

Profile: Christopher O’Hara

Name: Christopher O’Hara
Job title and company: Founding principal and facade director, Studio NYL Structural Engineers | The SKINS Group ...

AIA Women’s Leadership Summit 2013
November 15, 2013  /  Emily Grandstaff-Rice AIA

On October 24-26, 2013, over 200 women leaders gathered together in Phoenix for the third AIA Women’s Leadership Summit. This event, originally developed by the BSA Women Principals Group,...

Mentoring One-on-One
October 9, 2013  /  Regan Shields Ives AIA

On Thursday, September 19, 2013, at BSA Space, the Women in Design (WID) Mentoring Subcommittee once again gathered a talented group of women in one room for its Mentoring One-on-One event....

Chemicals of concern demystified
October 2, 2013  /  Jim Stanislaski AIA

On September 24 at BSA Space, the BSA Committee on the Environment (COTE) hosted a lively roundtable...

Emerging Leaders with Women in Design and Women Principals Network
June 21, 2013  /  Regan Shields Ives AIA

Risk taking, lessons learned, and identifying what you would do if you weren’t afraid were just some of the topics touched on at the Emerging Leaders event jointly hosted by the...

Targeting 100! A bigger impact
November 26, 2012  /  Michael Hinchcliffe AIA

When I think about growing up in the late 1970s, I distinctly remember dealing with an energy crisis. President Jimmy Carter and my dad both installed solar panels on their houses. Almost every...

Profile: Richard Keleher AIA
November 20, 2012  /  BSA staff

Name: Richard Keleher AIA
Job title and company: Senior architect, Thompson & Lichtner
Degree(s): BArch Professional interests: The building enclosure, daylighting, low- and zero...

Profile: Bruce Rosenbaum
October 26, 2012  /  BSA Staff

Name: Bruce Rosenbaum
Job title and company: Founder, ModVic
Degree(s): BBA and MBA
Professional interests: Direct marketing, design and steampunk


Profile: Henry Moss AIA, LEED AP
October 26, 2012  /  BSA Staff

Name: Henry Moss AIA, LEED AP
Job title and company: Principal, Bruner/Cott & Associates
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts, Harvard University; MArch, Harvard Graduate School of Design...

Profile: Tracey Powell Assoc. AIA
October 25, 2012  /  BSA Staff

Name: Tracey Powell Assoc. AIA
Job title and company: Architectural consultant, ASSA ABLOY
Degree(s): BS in Architectural Building and Engineering from New England Institute...

Profile: Allison Iantosca
October 25, 2012  /  BSA Staff

Name: Allison Iantosca
Job title and company: Partner, F.H. Perry, Builder
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in theater
Professional interests: Human-resource development,...

“Boston and the Skyscraper” panel discussion
September 4, 2012  /  David Eisen

Let New York City, Hong Kong and Dubai show off their wealth with fantastic skyscrapers that define their future; Boston has got its noble past and a more thoughtful approach to building upwards....

Profile: James Miner
August 24, 2012  /  BSA staff

Name: James Miner
Job title and company: Managing principal, Sasaki Associates
Degree(s): Bachelor of science in art and design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; master’s...

High-tech, high performing, highly affordable
November 29, 2011  /  BSA staff

To the average consumer, technology suggests luxury: home-theater systems, sophisticated heating and cooling zones, automated everything. But to home-building experts, building technology is...

Building Enclosure Council Air Barrier Challenge
October 24, 2011  /  Christiaan Semmelink AIA

With nearly a decade of experience in building enclosure code-compliance, the BSA’s Building Enclosure Council felt it was time to test the theory and practice of building enclosures at the...

Say goodbye to the brick schoolhouse
October 5, 2011  /  Perrin Drumm

Think back to your kindergarten classroom. If you can stretch your memory that far, what, if anything, do you recall? Do any significant details stick out? If you’re like most people, you...

Attracted by light
August 22, 2011  /  Christina Lanzl

Lighting design is closely intertwined with the built environment. Magical illuminations of nighttime environments and inspired, lit interiors enchant—our memories are imprinted with...

Collaboration and reward in project delivery
August 12, 2011  /  Sam Batchelor AIA, LEED AP

Momentum is increasing within the design and construction industry to develop new delivery processes that foster collaboration among the primary participants and reward performance for...

Production thinking in architecture
July 19, 2011  /  Ryan E. Smith

Prefabrication is said to be the oldest new idea in construction. But it is no wonder that it continues to pervade as an ideal. The construction industry is fraught with litigation, inefficiency...

Preparation and communication—Keys to successful leadership transition
July 19, 2011  /  Kirsten A. Sibilia Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

Whether prompted by the need to expand or contract the size of the partnership in response to firm growth or reduction, or by a change in direction of the practice such as entering a new market,...

Architectural firms showing signs of recovery, but much improvement is still needed
July 14, 2011  /  David M. Sullivan CPA

Overall revenue levels are flat, billing rates are down and the utilization rate for architecture and engineering (A&E) firms is just 61.5%—yet the industry is beginning to show signs of...

Kissing the nuclear family goodbye
May 27, 2011  /  Michael Litchfield

Not quite a lifetime ago (in the 1950s), men wore hats, ladies wore girdles and schoolkids were periodically commanded to crouch under their desks, in the hope that those submissive postures would...

Urban Fabric: What happens when you let innovation lead
May 4, 2011  /  Michael Paganetti

For many of us, graduating can often appear to be the end of romanticism and the beginning of practicality. After experiencing a period of enlightenment and conceptual thinking in school, we hang...

Landscape urbanism: The challenge of implementation
May 3, 2011  /  David Eisen AIA

Urban vs. rural, architecture vs. landscape, man vs. nature—these design dichotomies seem to have served professionals well. They are not only useful intellectual constructs dating back to...

RDC 2011: Leading the way to prosperity
April 25, 2011  /  BSA staff

As Massachusetts and the country at-large work to find their place in a post-recession world, we can’t forget what precipitated the Great Recession—housing and the uneven residential...

Starting your own business? Things to consider before taking that step
April 11, 2011  /  Aisha Densmore-Bey

Like most architects, you’ve probably entertained the idea of working independently at some point in your career. The thought is quite understandable, since schools of architecture tend to...