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Small Practices Network: George Hu on Geothermal Heating
April 6, 2011  /  BSA

President of Air Water Energy Engineers, Inc., George Hu, PE, LEED AP, presents on geothermal heating to the Boston Society of Architects Small Practices Network.

For more information,...

High-performance urban forestry for green infrastructure
April 4, 2011  /  Matthew Gordy

The urban forest is perhaps the most conspicuous example of contemporary urbanism’s heartthrob, green infrastructure; witness the preponderance of “Million Tree” campaigns such...

Architecture and the future of museums
March 30, 2011  /  Aisha Densmore-Bey

Societal and professional changes are occurring so rapidly these days, it’s a challenge to keep up with the plethora of blogs, magazines and other media regularly bombarding architects with...

Embracing the communication revolution, or the democratization of marketing
March 21, 2011  /  Susan Elmore CPSM

An architectural firm, even a collaborative, democratic practice founded by idealistic boomers, tends to be run by a few highly experienced people who have earned their positions and stature...

Architecture in the fourth dimension
March 15, 2011  /  Steve Kendall

An international conference embedded in Build Boston, November 15–17, 2011

Shopping centers and office buildings exhibit the characteristics...

Going Gaga: Fashion and architecture
January 29, 2011  /  Liz Rosenbaum

At Amsterdam’s 2010 International Fashion Week, fashion designer Iris van Herpen debuted a...

CMA provides benefits for Bay State architects
February 8, 2011  /  John Lewis

Earlier this year, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) launched the Component Modeling Approach (CMA), a new procedure for rating and certifying the energy performance of windows, the...

On the path ahead
January 29, 2011  /  Lian Chikako Chang

How does the architectural profession look from the point of view of a student?

Well, it’s complicated.

The world is in crisis ecologically, economically and politically. And...

February 2, 2011  /  Alison Luterman

I was young, the first time.
The windows were dark, and high,
stained sapphire and vermillion.
I was in the basement of my self, at the same time I
was in the crossbeams...

The postgraduation career conundrum: Experience required
February 2, 2011  /  Jennifer Sutherby

The future once seemed so bright for college graduates riding the high of accomplishment, but now, months after graduation, the hard work goes unnoticed, obscured under piles of competing resumes...

Re-educating starchitects
January 27, 2011  /  Perrin Drumm

Like most of Frank Gehry’s buildings, the Stata Center at MIT split...

Video: Vectorworks Users Group: Exploring Vectorworks 2011
December 1, 2010  /  BSA

The Vectorworks Users Group got a jumpstart on celebrating the new year by exploring Vectorworks 2011. Brian Hores presents on how 3-D is as easy...

"The Business of BIM" reviews business challenges, benefits of BIM adoption
November 29, 2010  /  Michael Reilly

“The Business of BIM,” a panel discussion on the business advantages of integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, drew a sizable audience of architects, engineers,...

How did you find your job? Part 5 of 5: Al Weisz AIA, LEED AP
November 1, 2010  /  Genevieve Rajewski

Al Weisz AIA, LEED AP was unemployed for 16 months after being laid off from a small residential firm in November 2008. In March, he started working for the state’s Division of Capital...

How did you find your job? Part 3 of 5: David Krawitz
November 1, 2010  /  Genevieve Rajewski

A registered architect, David Krawitz worked for more than eight years as an architect at Perry Dean Rogers | Partners Architects and then shifted career paths about 17 years ago to work in...

How did you find your job? Part 2 of 5: Julie Jancewicz LEED AP
November 1, 2010  /  Genevieve Rajewski

Shortly after graduating with an MArch from Northeastern University, Julie Jancewicz LEED AP was laid off from her full-time job as a designer/drafter at TRO Jung | Brannen in November 2008....

How did you find your job? Part 1 of 5: Valerie Fontana
November 1, 2010  /  Genevieve Rajewski

Valerie Fontana was laid off in September 2008, shortly after moving from San Diego to Boston to take a job at Placetailor, a design/build firm. After two years of being unemployed, she was...

A Passive (aggressive!) approach to energy use
July 1, 2010  /  BSA

In November 2010, Build Boston featured a comprehensive exploration of the Passive House standard by those who have helped it succeed in...

How to win public-building construction work
May 1, 2010  /  BSA staff

In 2009 alone, the Massachusetts Designer Selection Board (DSB) awarded 39 contracts totaling nearly $26 million for public-building construction throughout the Commonwealth. Although that year...

Interview with the architectural economist
March 1, 2010  /  BSA staff

Kermit Baker is the chief economist for the AIA, where he analyzes business and construction trends in the U.S. economy and examines their impact on AIA members and the architectural profession....