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Profile: Allison Iantosca

Name: Allison Iantosca
Job title and company: Partner, F.H. Perry, Builder
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in theater
Professional interests: Human-resource development, business management and entrepreneurship—all within the residential construction industry served by F.H. Perry, Builder

What are you working on now?

Three-year strategic plan, one-year marketing plan, 10 significant residential-construction projects, one $2 million annual revenue home-maintenance start-up and two children under 10

How do you explain to your mom what you do for a living?

I share my reading list with her.

What inspired you today?

My current read: The Gifts of Imperfection [by Brené Brown]

What architectural buzzword would you kill?

Project administration

When you’re working, do you discuss or exchange ideas with your colleagues?

Doesn’t everyone!?

What are you reading?

See above.

Do you sketch by hand or digitally?

By hand

Has your career taken you anywhere you didn’t expect?

Yes—I started in theater. Construction? Never in a million years . . .

Where is the field of architecture headed?

You tell me! Where I hope it is headed is always toward enhancing the quality of human life—culturally, aesthetically, proportionally and environmentally.

Can design save the world?

Sure . . . but not all by itself.

What do you hope to contribute from your work?

Centeredness and beauty; energy and enthusiasm; and a rich lifestyle for my clients, my employees, our trade partners and myself.

Who or what deserves credit for your success?

My mentors over the years: my mom; my directors in the theater; my French teacher; my best friend; my dad; the design industry, generally; my husband; and my children.

Your least favorite college class?

I’m like everyone else . . . statistics.

If you could give the you-of-10-years-ago advice, what would it be?

Be brave . . . follow your heart!

Your favorite Boston-area structure?

The Hancock tower

Who would you like the BSA to interview next?

Prince Charles

If you were on a late-night TV show, what would your 30-second plug be?

She can build your dream house, but be careful . . . she will know you better than you know yourself. It might turn out to be perfect!

If you could sum up your outlook on life in a bumper sticker, what would it say?

I may be complicated, but I am gorgeous!