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“Megacentralities: Re-envisioning Mexico City” with Sol Camacho

May 15, 2014 | 6:00 PM
Price: N/A
Where: BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Boston

“Megacentralities: Re-envisioning Mexico City” with Sol Camacho

Iconic for its endless horizon of low-rise constructions, Mexico City has for years grown without the benefits of integrated planning, heavily affecting the quality of life of its inhabitants. One possibility for intervention is in the city’s roughly 45 transportation hubs, where millions of people circulate daily and where all kinds of social and economic dynamics take place. These hubs might become a new backbone for urban growth and sustainably absorb much-needed developments for a city that needs to alter its mindset about growth, programming, zoning, and public policy.

Sol Camacho is principal at Open Office.

This lecture is part of Rights of Way: Mobility and the city, a component of Overhaul: the 2013-2014 Transportation Series, organized by the Boston Society of Architects, the Boston Foundation for ArchitectureBoston’s Green Ribbon Commission, and the Barr Foundation.

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Mobility and the City: Six Ideas

To indicate the extraordinary breadth of sites, systems, and approaches that the problems of commuting, travel, and migration have brought to the fields of architecture and urban design, this speaker series proposes new ways of thinking about the complex ecology of objects, networks, and populations that we call “mobility.” Each lecture corresponds to a video interview incorporated into the exhibition Rights of Way: Mobility and the City, now on view at BSA Space. Go to the lecture page