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What is a "Success Team"?

Success Teams at the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) offer the opportunity to learn from and share with your peers and future colleagues as you prepare for the Architect Registration Examination ® (ARE®). Come to a kick-off meeting to form a team that will work together throughout the ARE process. Each team coordinates their own schedule to study together, sharing resources and tips to keep everyone on track. Joining a team means agreeing to meet with and support your team members through the completion of their exam series.

A library of Brightwood (Kaplan) 5.0 study materials is available at the BSA offices for ARE Success team members to borrow. Study materials are available for two month loan periods. Only one set/topic area may be borrowed at a time. If you need to more time with the materials, you may request an extension. Email or call 617-391-4000.

Kickoff Meetings

Kick off meetings are when all of the new members of the program meet up for the first time. We introduce you to the program and to a NCARB professional who will act as your ARE expert. All kickoff meetings take place in the evenings at BSA Space (290 Congress Street, Boston). Once teams are formed, they decide when and where to meet.

How do I join a team?

Register online for an upcoming kickoff meeting. First-time visitors to will be asked to create a login. Attend a kickoff meeting to find teammates whose schedules are compatible with yours.

Fee: $60 (free for members) plus $90 refundable lending library deposit for all library users.

Not a BSA Member yet?

The BSA Future Architect Scholarship program (FAS) entitles those working toward licensure to a waiver for BSA dues for a period of five years while testing. New graduate applicants are already able to claim one free year of BSA/AIA membership. Those participating in a free new graduate year of membership (graduated in the last 18 months) are qualified to receive four years of waived BSA dues under the FAS program. All FAS applicants will still be required to pay the AIA National portion of annual membership dues. Documentation is required. Email for comprehensive information and an application form.


If you’d like to know more or have any follow-up questions, email

Useful NCARB Links

Getting Started With the ARE
You should contact your registration board directly to verify the requirements to gain access to the ARE.

Learn about the history of the ARE and how it is developed

Preparing for the ARE
NCARB Exam Guides and practice software for each division

Taking the ARE
The ARE is administered at Prometric test centers. Find a local test center near you and learn what to do when you get there.

The Rolling Clock

Before you can decide on how you should test going forward, you need to review your Rolling Clock dates. ARE 4.0 division expiration dates based on the Rolling Clock will remain in effect for the transition to ARE 5.0. The earliest expiration date of any ARE 4.0 division(s) used to create an ARE 5.0 credit will be applied.

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