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Placemaking Network

October 26, 2015 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Price: This meeting is free and open to all
Where: BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Boston

Placemaking Network

Architecture + Human Subconscious Responses to the Built-Environment

Ann Sussman, Architect + Author, will talk about the revolution in the life sciences, including neuroscience happening now, which will impact far more than biology: it will change our understanding of the human response to buildings and places. With the availability of affordable biometric devices to measure subconscious traits, new tools for determining how built-environments makes people feel are possible, providing opportunities for research and a comprehensive understandings of our experience of place. Sussman, co-author of Cognitive Architecture, Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment (Routledge,2015) will talk about three subconscious traits that determine our behavior: why Edges Matter, Patterns Matter and Shapes Carry Weight - each topic a synthesis of recent scientific findings.

For those who qualify, 1.5 LUs are available


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