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Reflections archive

The rump presidency

Jane Weinzapfel FAIA, 2006 BSA president
"Given the issues of this current federal rump presidency, it is a great pleasure to reflect on the contrasting legacies of our BSA and BSA presidencies." Read more.

Invitation to Art with Walter Gropius

Tom Payette, founder, Payette
On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to BSA Space to enjoy libations while drawing the lineage of their firms on butcher paper taped to the...


Invitation to Art with Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius, founder, Bauhaus
In this week’s Reflections on the BSA video, view a special pull from the archives with an interview of Walter Gropius in “Invitation to Art” with Brian...

Invitation to Art with Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius, founder, Bauhaus
In this week’s Reflections on the BSA video, view a special pull from the archives with an interview of Walter Gropius in “Invitation to Art” with Brian...


Public pronouncements on urban design

Todd Lee FAIA, BSA Urban Design Committee
On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to BSA Space to enjoy libations while drawing the...

Teacher, secretary, or international design icon?

Jane Thompson Assoc. AIA,
​Thompson Design Group

On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to...


A series of unusual projects

Charles "Chuck" Redmon FAIA,
​1988 BSA president

On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to BSA Space to enjoy libations while drawing the...

The summer of ‘66

Charles Tseckares FAIA,
​founding principal, CBT Architects

On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to BSA Space to enjoy libations while drawing the...


Two for the adapted, reused, well-preserved road

Moe Finegold FAIA and Jim Alexander FAIA,
Finegold Alexander

On May 29, 2013, BSA members were invited to...

Messing around at the BSA

Polly Carpenter FAIA,
BSA Foundation director of public programs

In August 1999, I was a young architect who had just moved to Boston from New York City where I had...


I Gave at the Office

Richard Fitzgerald Hon. BSA,
former BSA executive director

Richard Fitzgerald Hon. BSA was executive director of the Boston Society of Architects/AIA from 1984...

Deep in the game!

Aisha Densmore-Bey,
principal, Aisha Densmore-Bey, Designer

As I write this reflection, it’s almost unbelievable how much the BSA has meant to me both professionally...


Architects keep an open door

Vivien Li Hon. BSA,
former president, The Boston Harbor Association

Whenever I’m in the Seaport District, I am reminded of the dedication, expertise, and creativity of the...

Make that change

Ted Landsmark,
president emeritus, Boston Architectural College

The Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) is at the forefront of professional advocacy on behalf of...


It’s About Time, It’s About Space…

Audrey O’Hagan AIA, 2011 BSA president
In January 2011, I became the 76th president of the Boston Society of Architects. When I first received Tim Love FAIA’s phone call in early 2009...

Our house is a very, very, very fine house

Tamara Roy AIA, 2016 BSA president
​I was thrilled when I was elected to be the 2016 BSA president, and I may be the only past president to...


That 70s Show

Peter Vanderwarker, architectural photographer
​The Boston Society of Architects has been a “friend” to me for a long time and has introduced me to friends for life. The year is 1974. Lowell Erickson...

Mr Tambourine Man

Jim Crissman FAIA, 1986 BSA president
I would have a hard time putting together even a paragraph about my presidency 30 years ago.


The best day job

Nancy Jenner, 1994–2009 BSA deputy director
My experience at the BSA was as a staff member, wholly different than the experience of the hundreds of architects and other building-industry...

Our (little) Town

Hubert Murray FAIA, 2007 BSA president
It was of course a great honor to have been elected by one’s peers to represent the organization for a year. Additionally, it was a wonderful experience to...


Happy birthday BSA

Josiah Stevenson FAIA, 2017 BSA president
Being asked to reflect on my time as president halfway through my term won’t have the “wistfully looking back” tone of the other remembrances...

(Not) The end of the world as we knew it

Michael Hicks AIA, 2000 BSA president
Others have already spoken about Richard Fitzgerald’s key role in the success each of us enjoyed at the BSA. He was a cheerleader for me...


Back to the sustainable future

Jim Batchelor FAIA, 2009 BSA president
2009 was a period of significant transition at the BSA. This was at the end of the Richard Fitzgerald and Nancy Jenner era. Richard retired at the end...

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln...

Peter Forbes, 1989 BSA president
​Richard Fitzgerald spent many golden hours compensating for my absence of tact; in fact, it was a significant role he had to play during my tenure.


Come together

Emily Grandstaff-Rice FAIA, 2014 BSA president
Emily chose to create a video encapsuling her time as president. The video covers how this opportunity influenced her, the goals she set out to...

Worth a thousand words

Peter Kuttner FAIA, 1998 BSA president
In lieu of an essay, Peter Kuttner FAIA created an electronic tradeshow displaying his time as the 1998 BSA president.


Fight the power

David Lee FAIA, 1992 BSA president
It was a great honor and lasting source of pride to have been selected by my peers to lead one of the oldest and most highly regarded AIA chapters in...

All you need is Love

Tim Love FAIA, 2015 BSA president
The warm embrace by the architecture establishment was critically important to the growth of my fledgling firm, which was founded...


(AIA) Sisterhood is powerful

Roger N. Goldstein FAIA, 1997 BSA president
The BSA of today is clearly different from what it was in the late 1990s—as is the case with the culture and profession in the larger context.

Brave new presidency

Laura Wernick FAIA, 2012 BSA president
What is that Chinese proverb? May you be BSA President during interesting times? I think I hit the jackpot during my tenure.


The year of the perfect storm

Lawrence A. Chan FAIA, 2010 BSA president
Several of my colleagues have characterized the 2010 BSA presidency as “the Year of the Perfect Storm” due to the convergence of several...

Mr. President goes to Washington (Street)

Leland D. Cott FAIA, 1996 BSA president​
My year as BSA president came at about the midpoint in my 45-year career that began with my...


A good presidency: Not hard to find

George R. Metzger AIA, 2005 BSA president​
About a decade after the Vietnam-Cambodia unrest, when some of us boomers had declared all organizations and people over age 30 suspect...

Being dense

David Dixon, 2003 BSA president
My first exposure to how committed we are was to show up for my first BSA Urban Design Committee (UDC) meeting in 1978—except that I showed up...


Leadership and the art of presidents

Wilson Pollock FAIA, 1990 BSA president
As I recall, my experience was both challenging and rewarding. The economy was really bad. Most architects were suffering. My partner had just...

The seven habits of highly effective

Mike Davis FAIA, 2013 BSA president
For many BSA members, 2013 was a very good
year. We were finally out of the brutal 2008–2011...


A tale of the polar presidency

Elizabeth S. Padjen FAIA, 1995 BSA president
I became president of the BSA at the annual
meeting in November 1994. Just a week earlier,
national electionshad installed the first Republican...

Leaving las presidency

Rebecca G. Barnes FAIA, 2001 BSA president
My term as BSA president is probably best
remembered as the shortest ever, as well as the
generator of possiblythe longest term—Robert...


A farewell to presidents

Peter Forbes FAIA, 1989 BSA president
If this were enough of a recollection, it would have
everything in it. It would have Jim Lawrence taking
me to lunch at the Tavern Club to convince me to...

Coming of age in architecture

Renée Loth Hon. BSA, editor, 
ArchitectureBoston magazine, 2011–present

I arrived in Boston at age 17 to attend journalism
school at Boston University. It was my first time...


Fort Devens, The BSA

Elizabeth Ericson FAIA, 1993 BSA president
President Bill Clinton was closing military bases as
part of his budget-cutting strategy. Fort Devens in
Massachusetts was one of the bases to be closed...

The wizard of the BSA

Diane Georgopulos FAIA, 2008 BSA president
It wasn’t long after Hubert Murray FAIA’s admission
to the previous presidents’ club that Richard
Fitzgerald took me to my inaugural lunch.


Up the down presidency

Chuck Redmon FAIA 1988 BSA president
Nearly 30 years back, my BSA presidency was
sandwiched between two Peters, a Hopkinson and a
Forbes; a New York City bagel and an Italian roll...

The accidental two-term president

Robert A. Brown AIA, 2001–2002 BSA president
So…it is the second meeting of the BSA Executive
Committee on the top floor of 52 Broad Street.
Nancy Jenner Hon. BSA and the BSA’s executive...


Four celebrations

Eric White, BSA and BSA Foundation
executive director

The year of landmarks, 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the BSA, 25th anniversary of...