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The Ohio State University

The Knowlton School at The Ohio State University includes undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture and city and regional planning. Together, our community includes just over 700 students. We offer the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture (pre-professional)
  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (LAAB-accredited)
  • Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning (PAB-accredited)
  • Master of Architecture (NAAB-accredited)
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (LAAB-accredited)
  • Master of City and Regional Planning (PAB-accredited)
  • PhD in City and Regional Planning
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Undergraduate students: Complete your Ohio State application by the university’s Early Action Deadline of November 15 for merit award consideration or by February 1 for regular admissions. Learn more about who gets in and the university’s application criteria. Ohio State is test-optional for 2021 undergraduate applicants. Be sure to research the National Buckeye Award for non-Ohio residents, valued at $13,500/year, and the Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) for academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, social justice and service.

Graduate students: The priority application program for most of our graduate programs is January 1. Read more and find details for your specific program of interest here.

For undergraduate programs, contact Angela Beer at [email protected]. For graduate programs, contact Jon Bullock at [email protected].