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University of Arkansas

The Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design is the home of design education on the University of Arkansas campus. With a world-class faculty, a 15-to-1 faculty-to-student ratio, and state-of-the-art resources and labs, the Fay Jones School offers an immersive design school experience for an affordable price.

The Fay Jones School offers two different Architecture undergraduate programs as well as a post-graduate Master of Design program.

  • B. Arch – 5-year professional program (156 undergraduate credits) leading to licensure in architecture, accredited by NAAB.
  • Architectural Studies – 4-year degree (120 undergraduate credits) with an emphasis on design education and the overlap with other areas of interest for each individual student, such as journalism, city planning, non-profit work, historic preservation, and more.
  • Master of Design Studies – 1-year program if full-time (36 graduate credits), or students can plan a flexible degree plan with the graduate coordinator.
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The Fay Jones School has a national reputation for high quality student work and high job placement percentages for students at graduation. The Fay Jones design culture and educational environment are grounded in critical design thinking, multidisciplinary collaborations and civic engagement – better the world around you as you better yourself through education.

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