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University of Maine at Augusta

Our mission expresses who we are: SMALL… INTEGRATED… HANDS-ON. This fundamentally means we are about people: our students, our faculty, and our community partners. We teach architecture through engagement, educating and empowering students to explore, investigate, and analyze the built environment. Engagement brings students into active contact with each other, their coursework, and our community partners.

BSA ARCH photo 2 Jeremy Bouford

The University of Maine at Augusta’s Architecture program is rooted in three essential elements. The first is the mission to engage community; this is where our work takes place. The second is the desire to work in collaboration, both within and without the university; this is what allows us to affect positive change. And third is seen in our curriculum, based in the idea of being “grounded in real”; these are the tools we use to affect our collective built environment.

BSA ARCH photo 3 Jeremy Bouford

The vision of the UMA BArch program is to instruct our students to view architecture as a humanistic and professional discipline, which synthesizes art, science, creativity, and math through challenging intellectual rigor. It is an academic search into how the designed environment affects psychological and social behavior while honoring keen aesthetic judgment, and technical understanding of how a building is built with all its many and varied systems.

BSA ARCH photo 1 Jeremy Bouford

UMA/ARC achieves this through teaching, scholarship, creative work, research, service to the greater community, and a fully rounded curriculum. The program is committed to the highest ideals of the profession and culture of architecture. UMA/ARC graduates will contribute effectively to the communities in which they live and work, to each other while in school, and to the profession in the future.

The University of Maine at Augusta, Bachelor of Architecture program is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

B. Arch. (150 undergraduate credits)
Next accreditation visit for all programs: 2021