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Washington University in St. Louis

We are advancing our fields through innovative research and creative practice, excellence in teaching, a world-class university art museum, and a deep commitment to addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time. Through the work of our students, faculty, and alumni, we are striving to create a more just, sustainable, humane, and beautiful world.

The Sam Fox School encompasses four academic units—the College of Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, College of Art, and Graduate School of Art—and the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, each of which has its own unique history. We offer 15 unique degree programs for both graduate and undergraduate students, supplemented by a number of creative research centers, including Island Press and the Office for Socially Engaged Practice.

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Undergraduate Architecture

We offer a rigorous architecture program within a dynamic, cross-disciplinary campus. Our courses engage actual sites and tackle complex social, cultural, and environmental challenges. You'll graduate with the tools to design beautiful, innovative, and sustainable architectural environments, and become a more creative thinker and designer.

Our program balances architectural education with a strong liberal arts base. We offer two undergraduate degree tracks—the Bachelor of Science in Architecture and the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture—that allow you to individualize your educational experience. Students on both tracks may pursue minors—including in architectural history, creative practice for social change, landscape architecture, and urban design—as well as second majors and dual degrees.

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Graduate Architecture

Programs in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design include the following (students are able to combine any two degrees to pursue a dual degree).

  • The NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture program focuses on the role of architects in society and culture. The School has a strong history of practice-oriented education that has expanded to include depth in issues of sustainability and housing. We offer the following programs: MArch 3 (105 credits, STEM-eligible), MArch 2 (75 credits, STEM-eligible), MS in Advanced Architectural Design (36 credits), MS in Architectural Studies (30 credits).
  • The Master of Landscape Architecture program is built around a combination of core studios and seminars that address the following primary concerns: professional and disciplinary advancement, water-based and riverine adaptations, urban and ecological networks, environmental and social justice, climate change and extreme weather, and community engagement. We offer the following programs: MLA 3 (90 credits, STEM-designated) and MLA 2 (60 credits, STEM-designated).
  • The Master of Urban Design program (42 Credits, 2 semesters + summer, STEM-designated) focuses on how to transform cities for the 21st century as active and informed participants. Through this post-professional degree program, students pursue advanced design and research while developing a rigorous theoretical and professional foundation.

The recently constructed Anabeth and John Weil Hall serves as the hub for all of the School’s graduate program. Built in 2019, the building includes a digital fabrication lab, loft-style studios, and installation and workspaces with abundant natural light. Students have numerous spaces to relax and collaborate, including a courtyard with a two-story, living green wall, and the Commons, which features an ambitious installation by alum Anne Schaefer.

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