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Woodbury School of Architecture

We educate our students as entrepreneurs, citizen architects, and cultural builders equally committed to professional practice, theoretical discourse, social equity and to formal and technological inquiry. Our faculty is comprised of active and prolific architects, academics and designers.

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Applied Computer Science – Media Arts program helps students become designers, thinkers and leaders of the new digital age. It is an art and technology hybrid degree focusing on emerging digital practices by working with interactive environments, experiential design and human interaction. The program uses computer science as a tool to innovate within the fields of design, entertainment, and media arts. This STEM degree enables students to develop into creators and innovators, preparing them for some of the most exciting and cutting-edge careers of today and tomorrow. Follow our official Applied Computer Science – Media Arts Instagram: @woodbury_acs_mediaarts

Master of Architecture - NAAB Accredited Professional and STEM Designated Degree

The M. Arch program locates the work of architecture at the intersection of disciplinary principles and professional competency. Ideas become impactful when translated into material conditions. The messy process of translation often results in imperfect but meaningful design proposals that address challenges of contemporary life. Embracing the compromise between ideal and real underscores our commitment to the here and now.

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Master of Interior Design

The Master of Interior Design (MID) program provides an education in interior environments that elevates and reinvents the discipline of interior architecture by mining and re-imagining the range of our human experiences. In doing so, this graduate program cultivates scholars, academics and critics, while generating emergent and alternative approaches to the profession, specifically in the Southern California region.

Master of Science in Architecture - One-Year Program

More than ever, architecture needs to be understood as part of an ever-expanding set of aesthetic, social, and technical systems. The Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch) is a one-year/three-semester STEM-designated program that invites architects and non-architects to explore this expanded zone of interdisciplinary practice. Each student chooses an area of concentration that allows them to build expertise in a specific system of thought and technique.

The program is eligible for the STEM OPT Extension for F-1 visa holders. For more information for international applicants, please visit Woodbury University's website.

Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development - STEM Designated Degree

The Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArch RED) program seeks to build upon the unique perspective and ethos of the architect. Through small class sizes and individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty, staff and students. While architects design the way a building looks and works, they are seldom involved in the decision of exactly what to build. The MSArch RED program was designed to change the status quo.

Bachelor of Architecture - STEM Designated Degree

The Bachelor of Architecture, or BArch program, offers a five-year course of study leading to a NAAB-accredited professional architecture degree. Woodbury’s program provides students the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional architect, as well as personalized attention, small class sizes, and a general understanding of the profound social and cultural power of design at local and global scales.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design - Shaping the Future of Practice

Interior Design is the art of creating a memorable experience of the space that surrounds us. Woodbury’s School of Architecture offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at its Los Angeles campus. Through small class sizes and individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty, staff and students.