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Behind the Cans: L.A. Fuess Partners

LA Fuess Partners Team Photo 1

L.A. Fuess Canstruction team beside their monumental Big Ben sculpture. 2019's Canstruction theme was "Around the World."

Photo courtesy L.A. Fuess Partners

Why did your firm decide to participate in Canstruction?

Canstruction provides our firm an opportunity to provide food for the hungry with the challenge to incorporate a nutritious meal into a sound structure.

How many years have you participated?

L.A. Fuess Boston has participated the last three years.

How do you decide what to build?

Our team organized a couple meeting to brainstorm and finalize a structure that fit the years theme.

How does Canstruction complement your firm’s culture?

L.A. Fuess Partners has made it a priority to do outreach into the community and has committed to serving those in need. Canstruction provides both of these qualities, thus making it an excellent way to give to those without.

What’s the most surprising part about participating?

The amount of detail that all of the participating teams put into their structures seems to be the most surprising aspect year after year.