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Behind the Cans: PCA

PCA Image

PCA team with their monumental Satellite sculpture. 2019's Canstruction theme was "Around the World."

Photo courtesy PCA

Why did your firm decide to participate in Canstruction?

It is our firm’s favorite fundraiser of the year allowing us to donate to a great cause while putting our design skills to the test!

How many years have you participated?

PCA has been participating in Canstruction Boston since 2005 (14 years total, only missing one year)

How do you decide what to build?

We chose to interpret the theme of Around the World by building an object that truly travels around the entire globe, a satellite. Similar to many world-famous landmarks, space travel and space related technology are understood and appreciated in all corners of the world. These floating structures are impressive feats of human design that can also be appreciated here on Earth.

How does Canstruction complement your firm’s culture?

PCA’s culture is centered around communication, inclusivity, and having fun. Canstruction is an event that allows us to excel in all three of those areas, while providing an opportunity to hone our team building skills.

What’s the most surprising part about participating?

The most surprising part about participating is the amount of preparation it takes to get to build day. We have gotten used to the 10+ hour build days during most years, but the time it takes to design a structure and acquire all of the pieces, far exceeds that one day.