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Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Can Boston Play on Nature's Team?

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A different relationship between built and natural environments is needed for a healthy and sustainable future. The Norwegians have a phrase for it: “To play on the same team as nature.”

To mark the end of NatureStructure exhibition—on view at BSA Space through September 23—join an ideation session to explore projects and approaches in the Greater Boston area that would "play on the same team as nature"—NatureStructure exhibition’s core theme.

The panelists will include Carl Spector, Commissioner of the Environment for the City of Boston, who will speak about the City's Climate Action Plan, including Climate Ready Boston and Carbon Free Boston; Amy Whitesides, Studio Director at Stoss Landscape Urbanism, who will focus on projects dealing with resiliency and open space across scales; and Dr. Alan D. Christian, Associate Professor of Freshwater Ecology and Conservation at the University of Massachusetts, who will introduce the work that the School for the Environment has done in terms of ecological design and sustainability in communities.

The discussion will be moderated by exhibition curator Scott Burnham. After the event, participants are invited to network over drinks and enjoy the exhibition one more time!


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