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Housing First: Video Shorts and Discussion

  • COST

    Free and open to the public

Housing First is a innovative approach to addressing homelessness which has found widespread acceptance in the country. It stems from the idea that the primary need for a person experiencing homelessness is to have a stable home, and to follow up supportive services and programs once the individual is housed, which is a reversal of traditional approaches to addressing homelessness. Housing First programs currently operate throughout the United States in cities such as New Orleans, Louisiana; Plattsburgh, New York; Anchorage, Alaska; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City; District of Columbia; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Quincy, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles; Austin, Texas; and Cleveland, Ohio among many others. There have been significantly favorable outcomes, including a 72% reduction in homelessness in Utah. The success of the program in both red states and blue states demonstrates is effectiveness in addressing the issue from the ground up.

Come join the Committee on Homelessness to hear more about this innovative program by viewing three video shorts:

  • Understanding homelessness: Skid Row and housing First.
  • Stories of success and what housing does for the homeless.
  • The 5 steps of solving a social problem (and delivering 100,000 homes).

For those who qualify, 1.5 LUs are available.