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The ABCs of Implicit Bias

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How do implicit biases impact workplace equity, diversity, and inclusivity? And how much of a role do these biases play during an interview, in the office, or on a project site? Managing and understanding prejudices inside and outside of the workplace are essential to building stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive companies.

This interactive conversation, moderated by Karen Robichaud, communications editor at Payette, will take steps toward understanding these influences, define key terms in the larger equity and diversity dialogue, and explore several case studies on bias in the workplace.

A continued goal of this program–and programs to follow–is to share and develop strategies that help individuals work toward a less biased and more diverse workplace.

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The BSA Equity Roundtable’s goal is to make the conversation about diversity and equity engaging and accessible. Educational and interactive programs throughout the year will focus on making Boston the most equitable place to practice architecture.