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Codes: Code Requirements for Type IIIB Residential Construction

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    2 LU HSW AIA credits available

8:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Advocacy News
Featured Speaker:
John Nunnari
, Executive Directors of AIA Massachusetts

Each Month John Nunnari provides a brief report on codes and regulatory activities including the status of pending legislation and Building Code / regulatory changes of interest to Owners, Developers, Architects, and Engineers. Topics include the status of Codes by Boards that oversee areas of building construction and coordination of codes (BCCC).

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM: Code Requirements for Type IIIB Residential Construction
Guest Speaker: Don Contois, Associate Principal & Director of the Code Group, R.W. Sullivan

This presentation will summarize the major requirements of the Massachusetts State Building Code applicable to a residential building constructed of Type IIIB construction. It will include discussion on types of materials allowed within the building, required fire resistance ratings, as well as height and area limitations. We will also discuss many of the code related items that are commonly overlooked in this type of project such as protection of corridors, required fire protection systems, penetration of fire rated assemblies, and others.

At the end of the presentation, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the nuances of Type IIIB construction.
  2. Describe the major code requirements applicable to a residential building of Type IIIB construction.
  3. Describe the code requirements that are commonly overlooked in buildings of this nature to ensure a code compliant safe building is designed.
  4. Describe the fire resistance requirements applicable to the structure and spaces within the residential building.

As a complement to the presentation our speaker will provide a PDF to all attendees who request it.

The co-chairs of the BSA Codes Committee are:

Tarica Leskiw, AIA, CBT Architects, [email protected]
Andrew Kollar, AIA, Fused Studios [email protected]
Drake Jacobs, AIA, Group One Partners [email protected]