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BSA/AIA Bylaws Meeting

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Photo courtesy Evan Bradley

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As the BSA looks ahead to 2021, the BSA/AIA Board has made recommendations for changes to the Chapter's bylaws that will modernize governance. This meeting is open to all BSA members to vote on the proposed changes to the Chapter bylaws.

To make sure everyone is informed and up-to-date the BSA has assembled a number of resources for members to reference. This includes a recording from the recent informational meeting led by BSA Secretary Diana Nicklaus AIA explaining key changes to the bylaws, as well as more thorough look at proposed changes.

We invite all BSA/AIA members to join us on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST.


For those of you who missed it or who need a refresher, here is a recording of the Annual Meeting (hosted on December 10, 2020)