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Design Viz: Demystifying DATA for Visual People

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    Free and open to the public

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    Professional Development



How is DATA Visualization essential to better design, decision making, & identifying correlations in architecture? The AEC Industry has a lot to gain from increased data literacy and understanding. As practitioners of Architecture, we are inherently more visual than mathematical thinkers. Recent tools like PowerBI and Tableau offer the potential to liberate ourselves from intimidating large databases and complex calculations by providing an intuitive, visual framework for revealing relationships in data. As data sources become increasingly more abundant so do opportunities for improved insight, organizational optimization, and competitive advantage. Kyle Martin Assoc. AIA will be sharing a series of professional examples of how data visualization has helped him pursue understanding and accelerate decision making. Please join us for this general overview and ensuing discussion surrounding the expanding role of data in practice.

Kyle Martin is the Digital Design Manager for Gensler's Boston office and is primarily responsible for BIM Management and Dynamo implementation. In addition, he oversees several initiatives related to computational design, digital fabrication, building performance, data visualization, and virtual reality. Martin is also an adjunct instructor of AEC technology courses at the Boston Architectural College and co-founder of design technology advocacy organizations that include Dynamo-litia Boston, ENCODE(Boston), the Design Technology Throwdown at ABX, and the beyondAEC Symposium and Hackathon.

As an attendee, if you have any good data viz examples that you can share with the group – your own or the work of others - you are encouraged to bring an image or link. See you there!

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