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Sustainability Education: Sustainability & Resilience in the Built Environment—The Now. The New. The Next.

A commitment to sustainable and resilient design is essential to shaping a better world. In this presentation, we will breakdown the new, the now, and the next of Sustainability and Resilience trends in the built environment. Topics will cover key strategies, tools, and implementation within both a Boston-specific and global context.
The Now: Sustainability fundamentals in our business, local and global regulations
The New: Building/Portfolio assessments, co-benefits analysis, and design guidelines
The Next: Whole-life carbon analysis, all-electric design, and parametric tools

Allie Wainer, Resilience Consultant
Allie is a Resilience Consultant in Arup’s Boston Office with a background in quantitative analysis, urban planning, and sustainable food systems. She advises clients, cutting across sectors and geographies, on climate risks and develops innovative resilience strategies to mitigate those risks.

Camila Salomon, Sustainability Consultant
Camila is a Sustainability Consultant in Arup’s Boston Office with a background in civil engineering, building science, and green building rating systems. Her skills include certification and accreditation of buildings and communities, performing feasibility assessments, and greenhouse gas accounting.

Mark Walsh-Cooke, Principal
Mark is a Principal in Arup’s Boston Office with 35 years of experience in mechanical engineering design, analysis, and construction. He has experience in sustainability, health and wellness, zero net energy, and environmentally responsible design: enhancing the performance of both new and existing building.