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Designing Boston: Parochialism vs. Production

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Image: South Boston, modified

Credit: Mike Lawrie

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Housing Boston's Neighborhoods

How can market-rate housing be built that meets the needs of real Bostonians? Without abandoning the small, historic scale of Boston neighborhoods, how can new housing projects both optimize construction costs and meet unit goals for a growing population?

The ninth in the Designing Boston series, this panel will be a discussion with Boston City Councilors about housing creation. This conversation will unpack enduring issues such as tensions between policymakers and community members and challenges posed by codes, as it also highlights successful examples of housing creation.

Bill Linehan, city councilor, District 2, City of Boston
Frank Baker, city councilor, District 3, City of Boston
Tito Jackson, city councilor, District 7, City of Boston

Moderated by Michael P. Ross, former city council president, City of Boston

For those who qualify, 2 LUs are available.