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Sustainability Education: Engaging students, teachers, and communities, in sustainability through design (Hybrid)

Join us as Laura Wernick FAIA discusses engagement of students, teachers, and communities, in sustainability through design!

Most educational institutions are sensitive to the impact their buildings can have on climate change and are making strides to ensure that their facilities are energy efficient. However much more can be accomplished. Public schools have a special role in addressing climate change and promoting sustainability education. As architects it is critical for us to take a major role in maximizing that potential. We can help educate the clients, and the community and engage the students in the potential of design to not only mitigate climate change now but to move to a healthier and more sustainable future. Toady’s students are the future. Schools should be living breathing examples and life-long tools for engaging students in sustainable lifestyles and actions, and be models for educators and, in fact, the entire community in the work of achieving sustainability.