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WiD Wednesday: LivableStreets Alliance on the Charles River (In Person)

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Abby Jamiel

As a partner of the WiD Symposium, LivableStreets Alliance will host our October event. LivableStreets Alliance is a non-profit advocacy group focused on creating better biking, walking + public transit in Metro Boston. In collaboration with its partners, LivableStreets was asked to organize and implement a charrette / workshop series to enhance collaboration between advocates, project managers, and governmental agencies and organizations who steward projects along the Charles River.

This charrette / workshop series is ongoing, with the first Visioning Session held in late August. The LivableStreets team invites WiD Wednesday participants to expand upon the outcomes of this Visioning Session within the BSA symposium themes of mobility, equity, and the built environment. How can project teams, designers, advocates, and community members together form a shared vision for thriving ecologies and seamless multimodal mobility connections? How can this be done when project teams cross multiple municipalities and agencies?

LivableStreets team members will lead a tour and discussion of their work uniting advocates and project teams who are stewarding projects along the Charles River.

The event will begin with a short tour of some of the current projects along the Charles River, focusing on Charlesgate Park and the Esplanade near the Mass Ave Bridge. Other projects like the Allston Multi-Modal project and Memorial Drive will be discussed.

We will end at LivableStreets office on Sydney Street (near Central Square) to present the outcomes of the Visioning Session. We will open up for a discussion, workshop, and the networking portion of the event. Attendees will engage with LivableStreets team members and one another on topics such as:

What injustices are perpetuated when designers, state agencies, and project teams fail to “look across the river?”

How can we all better support one another in Boston’s mobility ecosystem?

How does mobility operate with and without equality in the current system?

How can designers, planners, and architects help achieve the “asks” of project leaders, advocates, and Visioning Session attendees?

Light refreshments and snacks from Flour Bakery will be provided!

The tour will begin at the intersection of Charlesgate East Road and Marlborough Street. Attendees will be sent a meeting point map after registering. Attendees can meet the group either at Charlesgate park at 5:30pm or LivableStreets Alliance office at 6:30pm.

For more information on the Symposium: Intersections - Mobility, Equity, and the Built Environment, October 27-28th visit :