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*POSTPONED* MakeTank: This, That, and Something in Between (In-Person)

Memory Diffusion by MASARY Studios 5 10 23

Caleb Hawkins

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    Free and open to the public

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    Knowledge Community



Join Caleb Hawkins as he presents a collection of projects from Masary Studios, exploring the fascinating intersection between light, sound, performance, and space.

Masary Studios is a Boston based art collective exploring the intersection between light, sound, performance, and space. Caleb Hawkins, the Design Director of Masary Studios, will be sharing how Masary blends technology and art to create stunning installations that capture the imagination, inspire connection, and transform public spaces.

In his talk 'This, that, and something in between', Caleb will share his personal lens on a few recent inspiring projects from the past year, highlighting how a team of artists with inter-related but distinct disciplines operate collectively. From architecture to fabrication, Caleb will delve into the fascinating process behind each project, including Memory / Diffusion, recently completed at the new Boston Arts Academy.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Masary Studios and discover the power of art and technology in public spaces.