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Project Management Roundtable: Reviewing Contracts 101 (Virtual)

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Have you ever sat down to review a contract and realized you're not sure exactly what you're looking for? What's standard and what's a red flag? If there is language you have questions or are concerned about, how can you address them? What are potential revisions you can request to mitigate your risk? When might you consider accepting more risk than is ideal?

No one expects architects to be lawyers, but it's important project managers understand their contractual agreements, are able to assess the risk associated with the terms of the agreement, and are able to mitigate that risk by negotiating the terms.

Join us to hear from Steven Vincent AIA, Director of Project Management at SMMA, who conducts the final review of all contracts in his office. He is an architect (not a lawyer!) who has spent countless hours honing this skill and has a wealth of experience to share. His presentation will be followed by open discussion, so please bring any questions you have about reviewing contracts.