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Future-Decker RFP: Pre-Applicant Information & Networking Conference

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  • COST

    Free and open to the public

Applicants interested in Boston's Future-Decker RFP will be provided with an overview of the application and development process; information on innovation focus of the RFP; basics of financing and financing options; and networking and team-building opportunities.

The Boston Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH) and the BSA announced the release of the city's Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Co-Creating the Future-Decker program, focused on new models of multifamily housing that draw inspiration from the iconic three-decker. Two city-owned sites—379 Geneva Ave in Dorchester and 569 River Street in Mattapan—were selected to address how housing at a middle-scale can help bridge a gap between small- and large-scale developments.

The RFP invites development teams to submit multi-family housing proposals for one or both of these city-owned lots.

The RFP deadline is February 14, 2024.