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Future-Decker RFP: Networking Session/Site Visits

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    Free and open to the public

Applicants interested in Boston's Future-Decker RFP are invited to an in-person session to take place at both sites included in the RFP. This will be an opportunity for interested potential developers, architects, development team members, community program operators, local businesses, and community members to network.

The Boston Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH) and the BSA announced the release of the city's Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Co-Creating the Future-Decker program, focused on new models of multifamily housing that draw inspiration from the iconic three-decker. Two city-owned sites—379 Geneva Ave in Dorchester and 569 River Street in Mattapan—were selected to address how housing at a middle-scale can help bridge a gap between small- and large-scale developments.

The RFP invites development teams to submit multi-family housing proposals for one or both of these city-owned lots.

The RFP deadline is February 14, 2024.