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Construction Administration Roundtable

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Value Added

Lens Strategy is a consulting studio that grew out of an architecture firm, Shepley Bulfinch. Where architects typically design spaces, buildings and campuses, Lens consists of a group of designers (not just architects) that design services, businesses and experiences – three intangible aspects of our clients’ organizations that benefit from the way designers think. Lens exists because Shepley Bulfinch saw unmet client needs at the early stages of architecture projects and leveraged their design skills to solve for that need. The story of Lens offers an important example of the “value add” architecture firms bring to clients throughout every phase of the project. This is an interactive workshop with two purposes: 1) teach attendees how to improve project success by leveraging skillsets beyond architecture and 2) explore “value add” opportunities for architecture firms to expand their services.

Bio: Lauren D. Janney, EDAC, Principal Strategist

Working at the intersection of design and healthcare, Lauren leads a creative consulting studio, Lens, that excels at driving innovation, consensus and engagement at the front lines of healthcare delivery. She works with organizations to develop human-centered solutions that improve their triple bottom line: people, profit, planet. As Principal Strategist of Lens, Lauren has helped clients build creative and high-functioning teams, create innovative new services, and unleash the full potential and capabilities of their people. Lauren sits on the Advisory Board for Emergency Medicine at Brigham Women’s Hospital.

For those who qualify, 1.5 LUs are available.

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